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          Biochemistry is a branch of medicine that deals with the application of physical and organic chemistry along with Biochemistry in human health and disease. The main goal of biochemistry is to understand the structure and behavior of bio molecules. The Biochemistry laboratory has well-built infrastructure facilities with all necessary lab equipments located in ambient location in the ground floor of MKJC main block.

        At the biochemistry laboratory, students have access to every kind of equipment and glass wares for the study of biomolecules and to carryout various biochemical assays. Students are trained in carrying out clinical biochemistry investigations, instrumentation and analysis. The spacious new laboratory has Colorimeters, Electronic Balances, Microscopes, Automated pipettes and dispensers, Autoclave, Chromatography chamber, pH meter, Microscope, Centrifuge, Electrical Balance, Hot Air Oven, Distillation Apparatus, Tissue Homogenizer, Water Bath,  Soxhlet Apparatus, Magnetic Stirrer, Constant Temperature Water Bath, Balance, Hot plate for doing the practical’s of undergraduates and postgraduates students in conducting high level research.  

        All the postgraduates are trained in routine laboratory procedures for improving their clinical knowledge. Biochemists have made important contributions to medical sciences over the years in terms of describing pathophysiology of diseases and inventing new diagnostic methodologies for better healthcare. The breadth and versatility of their lab training will continue to open many new opportunities for biochemists in the future.


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