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About the Department

The department of Biochemistry was established in the year 2004 . Post Graduate course started in 2007 and the Research course started in 2012 . Biochemistry focuses on processes happening at a scientific discipline ranging from Genetics , Microbiology , Forensics , Plant sciences and medicine , Nutrition and is appropriate for students interested in the delivery of health – care services . In this modern technology world our younger generation of students who can contribute innovative information to the technology revolution to understand how life works.

In Biochemistry Department have well equipped tools and instrument Laboratory . The Laboratory performs a wide variety of different biochemical tests for blood and urine to understanding of health and disease. Students will become familiar with commonly used Lab ware and instrumentation for sterile work and will be able to store biological samples properly.

Department of biochemistry conducting National (or) International conference and Health awareness,  Blood Grouping programme for all the first year students for every academic year . This type of informative seminar and awareness will help to solve the biological problems.