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Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women was started in the year 1994. The college is named after Marudhar Kesari, who was a great poet, powerful orator and a champion of social service and public welfare. He propagated not only the ideals of Jainism but also expounded the cause of education. This college is a living monument to Sri Marudhar Kesari's great ideals and dreams.

The college was started with just four courses- B.Sc(Mathematics), B.Sc (Computer Science), B.Com and B.A. (Corporate Secretaryship). In a short span of 27 years the college has grown substantially. The college now offers 43 courses including 16 U.G Courses, 13 P.G. Courses, 8 M.Phil Courses and 6 Ph.D Course which is subject to affiliation of Thiruvalluvar University.
                                                                                                                                                                                 STRATEGIC PLAN

 Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

At the beginning of the year the academic calendar is provided to the students. The calendar provides information about the internal test, holidays and total working days. At the beginning of every semester Staff members prepared detailed lesson plan and strictly adhere to it. 

We follow Thiruvalluvar university regulation such as Syllabus, Mark allocation, Grade, Pass mark, Internal mark, External mark, Core subject, Allied subject, Environmental studies, Non major elective, Skill based subject and Extension activities. In each semester the performance of a student is evaluated in terms of percentage of marks with a provision for conversion to grade points. Through a continuous internal assessment and semester examinations of three hour duration, Evaluation for each semester shall be done by the course teacher concerned and the results of both will be consolidated at the end of the semester.

The mark ratio of the continuous internal assessment to the semester examination is 25:75. Wherever applicable the evaluation of laboratory component, will also be based on both a continuous internal assessment and semester practical examination.
Research and development

The research committee of the college encourages and motivates the teachers to take up research projects. By providing relevant information, the committee is also involved in facilitating and synchronizing research activities carried out by the members of the faculty, and updates the faculty members on the availability of funds and their sources. The faculty members are undertaking publication of research findings and presentation of research papers.

Human resource planning and development

We have a self appraisal form method for all teachers. This system motivates the faculty to progress vertically as well as to enhance their quality by attending faculty development programmes. Work shadowing, evaluations are followed systematically. Reports prepared by the Principal and Heads of the departments on faculty members.  The Heads of the department meet the class representatives and the students to get feedback on the performance of the department staff. The Principal and the Vice principal meet the class representatives to obtain the feedback. The student’s feedback on teacher performance and quality of teaching are obtained. The Principal and HOD's make frequent visits to the class rooms to assess the teaching ability of the staff.

Industry Institute Interface

Frequent industrial visits are organized to acclimatize the students to the industry environment. MoUs are also signed with the industries to carry out the part of their research work. Special lectures from various institutions are also organized to make the students aware of the opportunities available in the specific field.  Women Entrepreneur Development Cell (WEDC) every year organizes MKJC Bazaar.  The students show their talents in cooking and marketing various items like cloth, ornaments, spices, organic foods, traditional food items, soft drinks etc. In this bazaar the staff and parents are actively participating and motivating the students. The students are encouraged by giving prizes based on the criteria’s like large scale investment, small scale investment and best entrepreneur of MKJC. Various vocational courses are organized in our college. Our students are attending internship program in many industries.


International seminar, conferences, workshop and symposiums are conducted with international delegates periodically to know all the developments internationally and also linkage is created with other international university.


Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women
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