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  • To Provide Opportunities of education and skills through varied branches of knowledge of Arts,Science and Commerce.
  • To enhance employability of the students through innovative educational environment.
  • To enable students to develop a sense of culture and morality and develop a spirit of social commitment.
  • To give edge to the global competence of the students through well equipped infrastructure and Activity Based Learning.
  • To encourage students to exhibit their artistic talents & skills through extra-curricular activities.

Our Motto

"Empowerment  Excellence"




The followers of Jainism are known for their love towards all living beings, innovation, leadership and business acumen. Their service to mankind is unparalleled, realizing the importance of literacy the members of the Jain community now re-focusing on opening Educational Institutes all over India, rendering yeomen service.

Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women, Vaniyambadi is a project of Sri Marudhar Kesari Jain Trust offering a world-class collegiate education. It’s focus is on rural enlistment through women education. It follow the lofty ideals and vision of the great Jain Saint Sri Marudhar Kesari, who was a profound saint and vigorous preacher.


Marudhar Kesari Jain College for Women
Vaniyambadi - 635 751, Tamil Nadu, INDIA.

Tel   : +91 4174 225300, 224300,

Mobile : 8825887756

Fax : +91 4174 227027